Currently under construction, Tao of Law aspires to be the most technologically-advanced, cutting-edge, web-based patriot community and patriot educational, unifying, organizational and mobilizing tool in existence.

Why "Tao" of Law? "Tao" is a Chinese word loosely meaning "way" or "path." Most accurately, Tao is not a name for a thing; rather, it is the underlying natural order and principles of the universe. Thus, Tao of Law's goal is to teach not only true law, but also the underlying and guiding principles of law that the modern court system, judges, police officers, politicians, legislators - and even We the People - seem to have long forgotten.

Tao of Law is being built in two phases. All of the features, functions and tools that will be available when Tao of Law is initially launched are outlined below in Phase-I. Even more (and more revolutionary) features, functions and tools are planned for addition under Phase-II (see below), based on popularity, usage and financial support of the Phase-I features, functions and tools.

Meanwhile, some free resources are currently available here: Eddie Craig's  Traffic Stop Practice Script , which will help you establish and maintain your rights during traffic stops and other encounters with police, and his  Cross-Examination Practice Script , which will guide you through cross-examination in court. You can also grab a copy of Eddie's  materials discussed on the April 4, 2013 Alex Jones Nightly News (382KB zip file).   If you have received a red-light camera ticket, have a look at the Red Light Camera Special Appearance Letter template.

Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center
Our Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center will enable our members to communicate in real time via audio and video, give presentations and slide-shows, participate in whiteboard sharing, share their desktops and more. Conferences can be recorded for playback at a later time and for sharing with others who may have missed that important conference. Members can create conferences open to all who wish to join or private conferences only for a specific list of members. These conferences can be created on the fly or scheduled for a future time. Conference invitations and automated reminders can be sent via e-mail, and members will be additionally informed of any accessible scheduled conferences via our Event Calendar. Our members can conduct or participate in discussions of court cases, practice/role-playing sessions and more!

Online Classes, Seminars and Consultation

Despite the growing popularity of the Tao of Law classes and seminars, many individuals have expressed a desire to attend along with an inability to do so based on scheduling conflicts, travel distances and other reasons. The Tao of Law website aims to rectify this by making classes, seminars, private consultations and more available via our Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center:

  • No longer will our students or prospective students be prevented from attendance due to distance as they will be able to participate right from their computers.
  • Any potential scheduling conflicts will be solved as well because our classes and seminars will be automatically recorded and made available for students to review at their convenience.
  • Class/seminar materials, updates and extras will be made available to our students for direct download the moment they are published.
  • Invitations and automated e-mail reminders for classes/seminars will be sent to each student, and upcoming classes/seminars will appear on our Event Calendar.
Never again will our students be forced to miss a class, seminar, update or extra based on travel distances or scheduling conflicts (or forgetfulness)!

Court-Watch Groups

Members will be able to create, invite, manage, and participate in localized groups encompassing specific cities or areas of cities in order to obtain and give support to and act as witnesses for fellow group members who are attending court.

For example, if you have an upcoming hearing in, say, an Austin, Texas court and are a member of the Austin Court-Watch group, you will be able to post your hearing date and time, the location of the court, case number, case type, and other pertinent information, to the group. When you do so, the other members of the group will be automatically notified of your hearing and its details via automatic e-mail invitations and reminders, and the information you post will be automatically added to the group's Event Calendar. Members who receive invitations to your hearing or who see your hearing on the Event Calendar will be able to indicate whether or not they plan to attend your hearing with you, and you will be notified of any such planned attendees.

What does all of this mean? It means the end of "going it alone" in court!

Custom Groups

Members will be able to create, invite, manage, and participate in customizable groups to organize virtually any type of event or gathering, and can encompass any geographical area from a single location, to neighborhoods, to the entire nation. These groups can be open to the public or only to a specific list of invited members. As with the Court-Watch groups above, members of a Custom Group will be notified via automatic e-mail invitations and reminders of any events scheduled for that group, with such events also appearing in the group's Event Calendar, and members of that group will be able to indicate whether or not they plan to attend the event.

Interactive, Personalized Event Calendar

Our Event Calendar will display and keep members informed of any type of event posted around Tao of Law. Members will be able to click on any event shown and be taken directly to that event and given all information pertinent to that event. Members who created/on a particular event will be able to reschedule, remove or edit the details of the event. The events displayed on the Event Calendar will include:

  • classes, seminars, consultations and public and private conferences scheduled by members for our Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center;
  • court appearances and hearings posted to a Court-Watch group;
  • meetings, gatherings and other events posted to a Custom-group; and
  • special events scheduled by Tao of Law instructors and administrators.

Rule of Law Radio Show Archive Access

Tao of Law will provide members with direct, instant access to archives of past Rule of Law Radio broadcasts.

Tyranny Alert

Our Tyranny Alert system will enable members being accosted by rogue public servants to send, right from their cell phones, distress calls, audio and video streams and GPS coordinates to other members' cell phones, and to receive from those other members a list of who is responding to the scene and estimated time of arrival for each en route respondent.

Members who receive distress calls will be able to, right from their cell phones, indicate whether or not they are responding to the scene, monitor the audio /video stream of their fellow member in distress, view the location of the distressed member on a map and get turn-by-turn directions to the exact location of the distressed member.

Chat Room

Our public text-based chat room will allow members to gather together to discuss court cases, important events, Tao of Law classes and seminars - or to just kill some time, relax, socialize and get to know one another.

Tao Community

Tao Community, a sub-site of Tao of Law, will be a social networking site similar to Facebook or MySpace (but without a blitzkrieg of advertising and government tie-ins). Among many other things, the Tao Community will allow members to (within the Terms of Service):

  • create personal profiles and say whatever they like about themselves;
  • create tags to label and follow their interests, and connect with other members sharing similar interests;
  • re-share posts and spread the ideas;
  • give other members honorable mention;
  • show that they appreciate something by "loving" it;
  • share things with specific groups of other members or with the entire Tao Community;
  • connect their profiles with, and cross-post to, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, to stay connected with their friends, even if those friends are not members of the Tao Community;
  • create "bookmarklets" to discover fun and helpful content around the web and share it with whomever; and
  • upload and share photos with whomever they please.

Public Servant Information and Statistics

Tao of Law members will be able to post information about their encounters with police officers, judges and other public servants, and the posted information, along with information submitted our Automated Document Generation Engine and Tyranny Alert system, will be aggregated into searchable reports and statistics on those public servants.

Case Information, Statistics, Analysis and Commentary

Tao of Law members will be able to post their court cases and documents, and create writeups about their cases. Tao of Law instructors and assistants will be able to post analyses and commentary on the cases, and the win/loss ratio of posted cases will be available site-wide.

Tao Library

Our Tao Library will give members a flexible search engine for, and instant access to, resources and information, including:

  • class/seminar materials;
  • legal white papers;
  • law and statutes; and
  • case law.


TaoWIKI aims to be a powerful informational and research base that collects and links to information and documents collected from around the Tao of Law website, including, but not limited to, blogs and posts in the Tao Community, posted case information, documents from the Tao Library and information submitted to our Automated Document Generation Engine.

Automated Document Generation Engine

Our Automated Document Generation Engine will enable members to answer basic form questions and generate documents custom-suited to their needs, including:

  • judicial misconduct complaints;
  • attorney bar grievances;
  • court clerk complaints;
  • court reporter complaints; and
  • state and federal criminal affidavits

Forms and Templates Repository

Our Forms and Templates Repository will be, in essence, a searchable library of legal forms and templates, instantly-accessible and downloadable by our members, for motions, briefs, affidavits, notices and other documents commonly used in any court-related process.